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Online shopping is great for some things, but we believe that fine jewellery and watches deserve personal service. If you are investing in a piece of jewellery or a watch (whether is it £200 or £20,000), we want you to fall in love with it. This means seeing it with your own eyes, looking at it from all angles, trying it on a few (or ten!) times. You can't do that online.

A website photo doesn't allow you to see the sparkle of a diamond or feel the weight of a watch. Gemstones often appear brighter on the screen, and a pair of earrings can be much smaller than full-screen images suggest. Countless times, a customer has visited us with a particular style of ring in mind, only to find it doesn’t feel quite right on their finger. Or they have loved a pair of earrings, only to discover they felt too heavy when worn. Perhaps the clasp on a bracelet was tricky to open, or a watch felt too large on their wrist.

If bought online, these items would have been returned. Not only does this mean unhappy customers, but frequent returns would be unsustainable for our family business. So we prefer to meet our customers in person and make sure they are completely happy before finalising their purchase. You will never be pressured into buying, and we'll happily put the piece aside for a few days if you want to think about it. As a result, our customers always leave happy, and our returns rate is less than 1%. Click here for more information about our returns policy.

Customers occasionally ask if we offer interest-free credit. We have chosen not to do this because - like most 'free' things - the cost is always hidden in the price.

When we investigated providing credit to our customers, we were shocked at the costs involved. Retailers are charged fees of up to 20% for every interest-free sale. If we sold a £5,000 ring, the credit provider would charge us £1,000. We can't absorb such a huge loss, so would need to increase all our prices by 20% overnight. This means everyone would be paying more for the same items, even if they didn't want interest-free credit. 

As credit is so widely available these days, we decided to leave finance to the experts and keep our prices reasonable for everyone. If the charges ever reduce, we might reconsider. But in the meantime, we take credit cards - and will happily keep items aside for a few days while you arrange your finances.