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A customer recently inherited her Gran's beautiful diamond ring. The ring was a stunning seven-stone half eternity, but was at least five sizes too big and in need of some TLC. The claw settings were very worn after many years of wear, and the ring also had a telescopic hinged shank which was no longer needed.

As soon as I examined the ring, I knew it wouldn't be a simple resizing job. The width of the stone settings meant the head of the ring was far too broad for the customer's very small finger. I knew the head would need to be remade, and suspected we might need to remove a stone in order to reduce it to the size required. The customer wanted to retain all the stones if possible, so I decided to replicate the existing design in our CAD software before starting any work. This allowed me to adjust the setting on the computer screen, checking the angles of the design to make sure it would work. Luckily, I realised it would be possible to retain all seven stones. This is why CAD is such a useful tool - previously this job would have involved deconstructing the ring and trying different adjustments at the workbench, which is extremely time-consuming. While the CAD process itself can take many hours, it is still a much more efficient way of doing things.

Once the customer approved the design, the ring was remade to fit her finger exactly. As the existing gold had such sentimental value, it was melted down and used in the new ring. The design of the stone settings was replicated exactly, but with the size of the claws restored to their former glory. A heavyweight gold shank completed the design. With proper care, the ring will last for generations and the ring can continue to be passed down as a family heirloom.

The customer was delighted with the outcome - check out the video below for the finished piece! Make sure to watch in HD.